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How to run the database upgrade utility

1) Locate the Webgility folder within your system and click on the eCC Desktop folder. 

2) Locate the eCC DB utility file

3) Right click and run the database upgrade utility as administrator

4) Click Execute DB Utility

You will be prompted to backup your current database, click yes. 

The database should be backed up within the Webgility-> eCC folder only and it should be pre-selected.  Click OK. 

5) A current backup of your database will be made. Click OK. 

6) Once the backup of your current database has been created, the DB Utility will begin automatically.  You will see this pop-up to notify you that this will take some time.  Click OK. 

7) The database upgrade will run automatically and you will be able to see the progress of this process.  Do not open eCC Desktop until the database has been properly upgraded. 

8) Once it is completed you will see a confirmation.  Click OK.


You may now open eCC Desktop and resume.  

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