Connect Unify to Shopify

Step 1: If you're new to Unify and have not connected any stores, go to Step 2. If you are adding additional stores go to your Connections Tab, in the Stores section click Add a Store.

Step 2Select Shopify and click Continue.


Step 3: Enter your store web address. Click Continue.

Note: If your web store address is, enter only “cafeamaze” in the text box.

Step 3: Click Continue to open up an Shopify popup window to log in to your account. Make sure your pop-ups are not blocked.

Step 4: Enter your login Email and Password and click Log in.

Step 5: Click Close to close out the window.

Step 6: Click Continue install Unify in your Shopify store.

Step 6: Select the date range and status’ of orders you want to pull into Unify. Click Continue and you will be redirected to the Sales Tab where your orders will download.


Next Steps:  

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