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The Basics: How Shiplark connects to online stores

The Webgility Store Module is the most important component of the Shiplark and online store integration.  For PHP carts, the store module allows Shiplark to communicate with the online store, while keeping the online store database secure.  


The store module is utilized by eCC Desktop, eCC Cloud and Shiplark.  


The Webgility Store Module can be installed in the store in three ways:

  • The Shiplark software
  • FTP client (FireFTP or FileZilla)
  • By extension into the admin area of an online store


PHP carts

These carts require the module to be installed either with the software or by using a FTP client. These carts are: 


PHP carts with extensions

Although these carts are PHP carts, the Webgility Store module can be installed as an extension into the backend of the admin area. 

These carts are:


Hosted Carts

These carts connect to eCC Desktop using the built-in API that sends encrypted information between the online store and eCC Desktop.  Therefore the Webgility Store module is not required. These carts are: 



All marketplaces have their own way of connecting eCC Desktop to their API. Therefore the Webgility Store Module is not required.  These marketplaces are: 


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