Backup - Shiplark FedEx for Database


1: It is highly recommended that you keep take a regular backup of your Shiplark for FedEx database so that the same can be helpful in the event of unforeseen computer failure or other such circumstances. You can take regular date wise backups and keep them on a removable disk.

2: You can also use the Scheduler to perform automated backups to the Shiplark for FedEx database.


Steps to take backup


Step 1:Go to the Tools menu and click on Backup Shiplark  for FedEx Database.

Step 2:. Create a folder, name it of your choice. Please remember, it is suggestive that you create this folder at a location alternate to your computer (Pen Drive/removable disk, alternate PC, etc) else you create a folder on the same computer with Shiplark for FedEx, make sure later cut and paste it at an alternate location.

Step 3: Once the folder is created and Shiplark for FedEx creates the backup, Shiplark for FedEx will tell you that the database has been created successfully.





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