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Import Tracking Information into Shiplark for FedEx

Import Tracking Information Into Shiplark

This feature can be used if you have a drop shipper or an offsite warehouse that is not using Shiplark to process shipping.  Tracking numbers can be imported for a group of orders that have been shipped using a solution other than Shiplark.   This can be done using a excel file that is converted to a .csv file format.  Here are the columns that should be within the file:


1) Order number
2) Ship date
3) Ship processor
4) Ship method
5) Shipping Cost
6) Tracking Information


After the data is prepared and the excel file has been converted to the .csv format here is how to import it in to Shiplark.


Step 1: While on the Dashboard go to the Shipping menu heading and select Import Tracking Information.  Click Next.




Step 2: Click Browse and locate your .csv file of shipping information.

1. Make sure the CSV files are selected to be viewed
2. Select the file and click open.




Step 3: Once file is selected click next.




Step 4: In the Map to Column select the drop down and match the fields in the file with the designation within Shiplark field name column.   This is the most important step because this establishes how Shiplark/Shiplark will attach the shipping details with the orders and change them from “Unshipped” to “Shipped”.   Click Next, then click OK in the successful mapping dialogue box.




Step 5: Shiplark will display the details within the .csv document within the Shiplark format.  Select all the orders and click Import Orders to attach the imported shipping information to the corresponding orders.




Step 6: A dialogue box will pop up with the status of the import and the shipping tracking information has been completed.




After the import

Go back to the Dashboard and go to the inbox.




The orders will be marked as Shipped within Shiplark and the shipping information can be viewed within the order details (as shown below):




The order(s) can be Posted to Store and/or Posted to QuickBooks.

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