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Manually creating orders in Shiplark

Scenario #1: Create a shipment in Shiplark for an order that is not within the online store. 

Scenario #2: Create a manual order which is processed differently than your usual orders.

Scenario #3: Creating an order for products not in the online store. 

All of these scenarios can be accomplished in Shiplark by using the Phone order function and by adding items to the existing phone order in Shiplark.  


Part 1: Create a phone order

While on the Shiplark dashboard go to Orders->Enter phone order to create a phone order. 

Step 1: Give the order a number 

Step 2: Enter the shipping information.  

Tip: The left facing arrow will copy the shipping information into the billing information area.  So you don't have to enter the same information twice. 


Part 2: Creating items

This process will work for all three scenarios.  For example, in scenario #3 what if the product you want in the phone order is not a product in the online store, such as a custom item? 

Step 1: Click on the Download store items button to retrieve the products in your online store.  

Step 2: In the item selection area click the dropdown and choose a product in the online store to use in the phone order.  The price for that item will automatically appear. 

Step 3: Modify the weight, quantity and taxable status. 

Note: the shipment information and payment details can be entered later. 

Step 4: Once all information is filled out in the phone order, click Save and Next. 


Part 3: Adding additional items to the order

 After the order is saved, a notification will pop up, and click Okay.  Then exit out of the phone order window and you will be on the Shiplark dashboard.  Go to the inbox and locate your phone order.   

Click on view to view the details of the order.

Step 1: You can now rename the original item in the order (if a custom item) and add additional items by clicking on the Add Item button.  

Step 2: In the add item window, the product name, SKU and other details can be manually entered in. Click add to add this new item to the order. 

Step 3: After all items have been added to the phone order, Shipping, taxes and other charges can be added to the order.  

Payment: If your customer is going to pay for this phone order within your POS system or by using other means (manually), then payment information doesn't have to be added. 

Shipment: The shipment details will be added by the shipping module once the order is shipped out using Shiplark. 

Click Save when the order is completed. 


Part 4: Shipping the order

Select the order from the inbox and click process shipping to ship the order as usual

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