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Using the eCC Desktop scheduler within NovelASPect

Within the NovelASPect environment which hosts QuickBooks and eCC Desktop, the scheduler can automate as well.  

Primary Automation

The primary automation are the functions directly related to order fulfillment within eCC Desktop. Automating these features will help the user process orders quickly. 

  • Download orders
  • Post to QB
  • Post to Store
  • Retreive Tracking ID
  • Enable Product Sync (Update online store and QB products)
  • Create missing products in QuickBooks


Best Practices for eCC Scheduler

1) eCC Scheduler is best activated from the Scheduler icon on the eCC Dashboard

2) The QuickBooks company file must be open while eCC Scheduler is automating.  Especially for automatic product synchronization and data downloads. 

3) eCC Scheduler can only run while user is logged into the NovelASPect environment

4) Secondary Automation:  The secondary automation is related to the scheduler itself or the eCC Desktop database.  

  • Use eCC Scheduler startup item
  • Enable automatic backup of eCC Database
  • Select backup folder
  • Configure period, backup time and retention days

Since your eCC Desktop database is stored within the NovelASPect environment it will not need to be backed up.  NovelASPect will take care of the backup of the database within its servers. 

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