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Configuring Advanced Inventory for use with QuickBooks Enterprise and eCC Desktop

Note : 

  • Track Inventory in multiple locations option is used only if you are managing inventories at multiple locations.
  • If you are managing inventory at a single inventory site, you need to select only the default inventory site from the drop-down, if you dont want eCC Desktop to handle multiple inventory locations.

For using the Advanced Inventory add-on, you first need to configure the Advanced Inventory Settings in QuickBooks Enterprise. Click here to learn how to configure the same.

After configuring the settings, open eCC and go to "File>> Configure Store >> Download Settings ". 

On the Download Settings screen, download the latest QuickBooks Data and Settings. Then, go to the Products tab on the same screen. 

Here you need to select the Track inventory in multiple location option. Remember to track inventory in multiple locations and use a default inventory site, if your inventory is held in multiple locations. 

Once done, click on save and continue and then on close on the next screen. 

Next step: Use cases for using the Advanced Inventory feature

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