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Connect Shiplark for FedEx to Cube Cart

As soon as you launch Shiplark for FedEx, you would be asked to give your store a name, select the type of store that you have, and enter your store URL. This would be the website your customers go to ( / etc)



 As soon as you select a store type that required a module, Shiplark for FedEx would tell you that to connect to the store you first need to install the Webgility Store Module. Click continue to proceed.


 Now, you would need to enter the FTP credentials to your shopping cart. These can be obtained from your web designers / web developers / hosting service providers etc. Click connect to proceed, once all the details are entered in.



 Shiplark for FedEx would then ask you to choose a specific folder on your FTP Server. Select that folder and click 'Install Webgility Store Module'

Store module location: admin 
Sample Module URL:

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