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The Basics: How to use Shiplark to process orders

Here is how to use Shiplark on a daily basis to ship your orders and automate sending tracking information by using Post to Store. 

Step 1: Log in and download your daily orders

  • Orders can be downloaded from each store by clicking the Get Orders button on the dashboard. 
  • New orders are viewed in the inbox.

If you are downloading orders that have the status in Shiplark as Auth Only you can process payment. 




Step 2: Process Shipping

  • Connect Shiplark to a shipping processor.
  • The shipping label will be printed.
  • The shipping details (Carrier, method, tracking ID) will be added to the order by Shiplark.


Step 3: Post to Store

  • Posting to store sends the shipping details to the order within the online store
  • Depending on your shopping cart, an email notification can be triggered to be sent by the shopping cart, notifying the customer of the shipping details. 


Step 4: Archive

  • Order that are "done" can be sent to the archive so they are out of the inbox and Shiplark retains its speed.  

Additional Options

Process Payment: If you have connected Shiplark to a payment processor to process payments after they have shipped, learn how to set up and use this feature. 

Importing Tracking ID: If you are using a shipping provider outside of Shiplark, shipping information can be imported into Shiplark and can be posted to store. Click here to learn how. 

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