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Making the most of eCC Desktop: Tax compliance with eCC Desktop and Avalara AvaTax - March 20, 2014

In this webinar we talk about the importance of calculating sales tax correctly.  What can happen to a business that is calculating it incorrectly.  How to avoid the consequences of incorrectly filing taxes. We also take a look at the discrepancies between tax charged in the online store and with the Avalara AvaTax plugin with eCC Desktop.  


If you would like to see the Avalara AvaTax plugin, in action, click here to view our previous webinar.


Webinar Agenda

  • About Avalara and AvaTax
  • How Avalara AvaTax calculates taxes in QuickBooks using eCC Desktop
  • The basics of sales tax
  • Time vs. Risk
  • Why it's important to be tax compliant
  • How sales tax is calculated in Avalara AvaTax
  • Benefits of using Avalara AvaTax as a solution


These were the questions asked during the webinar

1) In CO (Colorado) the tax rate varies on the item and where the business resides.  I don't see how we can program all the different scenarios. 

2) Often State and RTD (transportation tax) does not apply so basically items on our invoices all have different tax rates. 

3) We have a business based in Colorado that is only eCommerce--how difficult is that to setup and do we have to file returns in other states even though we are not technically set up in.  

4) Should we sign up for Avalara after signing up with Webgility? Also, it looks very complicated, just wondering if we sign up for this service, will we receive technical help?


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