Making the most of eCC Desktop: Multi-channel inventory Management - March 6, 2014

This webinar goes in depth into how to manage inventory within a multi-channel eCommerce environment.  If you are currently using eCC Desktop with multiple online stores or using QB POS and an online store, this webinar is great for understanding how matching, matching and using eCC Scheduler to keep control of inventory. 



Webinar Agenda

eCommerce Inventory Management

  • Step 1: Where is your inventory?
  • What is multi-channel eCommerce?
  • Inventory Complexities
  • Inventory Behaviors
  • Step 2: Establishing Matching Criteria
  • Step 3: Matching and Mapping inventory
  • Step 4: Using eCC Scheduler
  • Using the "Chain of Automation" technique



These were the questions asked during the webinar

1) Can you have different prices in different stores for the same item and not cause a problem?

2) If we create online coupon codes can eCC create those automatically in QuickBooks?

3) Can you feed your website inventory from 2 brick and mortar locations?

4) If I am out of stock of inventory, will eCC notify me or sync with QuickBooks?

5) If an order is changed in eCC, such as adding or removing products, can eCC update the order be edited in Magento?

6) Does scheduler require QB to be open at the same time?

7) If a SKU is sold as a pair in one store and another store it is sold as a single item, how can inventory be synced correctly for each store?

8) Does mapping allow you to setup a different quantity for the SKU in the online store vs QuickBooks? For example, SKU123 in QB is mapped to SKU567 in a store that is sold as a pair. 

9) Does eCC need to be logged in for scheduler to run?

10) How do you define "alot of products" in this scenario?

11) How can I set up some items that I may have 0 inventory of, but that I can drop-ship direct from the manufacturer?

12) How do you selectively sync to multiple stores?  Some items to two sites but all products to the 3rd site, for example. 

13) Can eCC process refunds or adjustments to the order?


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