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Connect Shiplark to Channel Advisor (BETA)

In order for Shiplark to connect with Channel Advisor, the Local ID will be needed.  

How to get the Local ID

Step 1: Log in to your Channel Advisor Account. Click on My Account menu heading and select Account authentications.  

Step 2: Copy the Local ID in the Account authentications area. 

Step 3: Paste the Local ID into the Shiplark connection area. 

Step 4: Click on Give Shiplark permission to access my Channel Advisor Account

Step 5: A pop-up screen will open and click yes to allow Shiplark to connect. 

Step 6: Within your Channel Advisor Account authorizations area you will need to enable the Webgility Inc, connection.  

Step 7: In Shiplark, click Retrieve Account ID and Shiplark will locate the account id of the connection that has been enabled within your Channel Advisor account. 


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