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Getting Started Series: Managing inventory in eCC Desktop - February 20, 2014

This webinar covers how to manage your inventory within the eCommerce environment and usage in eCC Desktop. 


Who, what, when, where, why and how of eCommerce inventory management

  • Who maintains your inventory?
  • What is your master inventory location?
  • When do you update your inventory?
  • Where is your inventory- right now?
  • How are you currently maintaining correct inventory levels?
  • Why is this important?

Types of items

How to understand the different type of items, not as types but as behaviors. Knowing how an item behaves is the foundation of understanding what the item can do within a cart. 

Shopping cart item examples and identifiers

  • Simple products
  • Options/Variations
  • Configurable products
  • Item identifiers

QuickBooks item identifiers

  • Inventory item
  • Non-inventory
  • Item number/SKU/ALU/UPC (QB POS only) 
  • Parent item
  • Child (sub) item


In Product demo

  • Matching vs. Mapping
  • Various questions about inventory management


These are the questions asked during the webinar: 

1) Does a child item resemble assembly items?

2) How do you keep a working relationship between work in progress inventory and finished inventory through QB?

3) How do you account for inventory if you have it physically?

4) So you just need to make sure the SKUs match in you store and in QB, what if they don't?

5) What is the benefit of creating child products in QB vs having store options SKUs match individual products?

6) I have 2682 items in QB, 1056 in my online store and 690 matching and 8 mapped- can this be updated in eCC or do I have to update them in the online store?

7) Where should you insure the online SKU and QB item name/number match?

8) Is there a class on how to process and post sell (orders) to QB that helps manage inventory?

9) In my Amazon store a lot of the products aren't mapped because there is a * added before the item number.  Where did that come from?





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