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The Basics: How to use eCC Desktop to process orders

Here is how to use eCC Desktop on a daily basis to process your orders and automate your accounting.  

Although, this information is displayed in steps, you will notice that in the inbox there are no step 1,2,3 etc.  This was designed to give you the flexibility to choose what to do next based on how you process your orders.  


Step 1: Log in and download your daily orders

  • Orders can be downloaded from each store by clicking the Get Orders button on the dashboard.  
  • New orders are viewed in the inbox. 

If you are downloading orders that have the status in eCC Desktop as Paid and Unshipped, then you can either Post to QuickBooks or Process Shipping.  

Step 2: Process Shipping

  • Connected eCC Desktop to a shipping processor 
  • The shipping label will be printed
  • The shipping details (Carrier, method, tracking ID) have been added to the order

Step 3: Post to QuickBooks

  • This creates the transaction in QuickBooks
  • Shipping/Payment details, customer notes can be displayed on the transaction
  • Customer can be created in the Customer Center in QuickBooks
  • If using a Standard Customer, transaction created will be applied to standard customer.
  • The customer details are contained on the transaction even when using a Standard Customer. 

Step 4: Post to Store

  • Posting to store sends the shipping details to the order within the online store.
  • Depending on your shopping cart, an email notification can be triggered to be sent by the shopping cart, notifying the customer of the shipping details.

Step 5: Archive

  • Orders that are "done" can be sent to the archive so they are out of the Inbox. 


Additional Options

Process Payment: If you have connected eCC Desktop to a payment processor to process payments after they have been downloaded from the online store. Learn how to set up and use this feature.  

Retrieve Tracking ID: eCC Desktop can retrieve tracking information QuickBooks Shipment Manager has added to a transaction posted to QuickBooks.  Click here to learn how. 


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