Getting Started Series: Shipping with eCC Desktop and Shiplark - February 27, 2014

This webinar covers how to utilize the shipping module within eCC Desktop.  How to use various features within each processor in the shipping module.  How to use Custom Rules and default settings. 



Best Practices for eCommerce Shipping

  • Important to test everything
  • Assess your current shipping procedures
  • Establish a standard way of processing shipping in eCC Desktop
  • Thermal Printers: have the latest drivers and lots of testing
  • Know your shipping options 
  • Shipping overhead: order shipping charge vs. how much it costs you to ship order
  • Customer communication is key


These were the questions asked during the webinar


General Questions

1) QuickBooks is on our accountant's machine, can we install an instance of eCC on a second machine with a network connect to the accountant's, for someone who will only use it for shipping? 

2) Can I send shipping info to my fulfillment house who sends my products and charges me as a third party?  Click here to learn more about this feature. 

Shipping Module

3) Will the shipping module check if a shipping address is commercial or residential for FedEx?

4) Am I able to setup my drop shipping vendors to this program to automatically receive order when I do?

5) In regard to Webgility Insurance: if a claim had to be filed would it be filed with Webgility or the carrier?

Setting up shipping processors

6) Are all the shipping companies always available in tab within the store configuration shipping screen?

7) Where would you select the type of label you would be using? 

Custom Shipping Rules

8) So for "condition 1" can I enter a certain dollar amount that qualifies for free shipping? Is this where I would enable that?

Feature request

9) Do you integrate with CEVA?

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