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Tips and Tricks: Using Yahoo! Stores with eCC Desktop (FAQs)

Q. How does eCC Desktop connect to Yahoo! Stores?

eCC Desktop connects using the Yahoo! Stores access token and Store ID. Since the Store ID is only valid for 1 year, it will need to be regenerated and modified within eCC Desktop.


Order Fulfillment

Q.  What is eCC Desktop integration able to do?

  • Download orders from Yahoo! Stores.  
  • Connect to various shipping providers to print shipping labels and generate tracking IDs. 
  • Notify customer of shipments

Q. How does eCC Desktop download orders? 

eCC Desktop is only able to 10 orders at a time.  


 Product Management

Q. If all of my products are in Yahoo! can eCC create those in QuickBooks?

Yes. Products can be created in QuickBooks only at the time an order is posted to QuickBooks.  

Q. If I already have products in my QuickBooks company file, how can I connect my Yahoo! products to them?

Online store products can be mapped to existing QuickBooks products only during the post to QuickBooks process.  



Q. How will my customers know that their orders have shipped? 

After eCC Desktop generates the label and tracking ID, the information can be posted to store and your customers will be notified. 

Q. Can order weight be downloaded with the order? 

No, order weight is not in the Yahoo API.

Q. If I am shipping orders in eCC Desktop, can I use Webgility Insurance? 

Yes, Webgility insurance can be used with any shipping provider.  Click here for basic information about feature. 

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