Getting Started Series: Getting Started with eCC Desktop - February 6, 2014

This webinar covers the basics of how to get started using eCC, by adding a store and creating settings to post to QuickBooks.  


Webinar intro and eCC Desktop Demo (Adding a Store) 

Part 1: Demo on how to get started by adding a Bigcommerce store to eCC Desktop using the Add Store Wizard.  

Part 2: Question & Answers forum  (start at 20:39) 


These are the questions viewers asked during the webinar.  

QuickBooks integration Questions

  1. Does Webgility support accessing QuickBooks via a hosted solution (not a VPN) where the QB file is located on a hosted server offsite by a 3rd party company?
  2. Can eCC be used to automatically generate a "Receive Payment" in QuickBooks for prepaid orders?
  3. Can we send orders to daily sales instead of creating each customer?
  4. Can you set up the customer as a new job of one specific customer?  For instance if we had an eBay store customer could orders from new customers come in as jobs under eBay store?
  5. We would like to segregate our web customers from our B&M customers when they are imported into QuickBooks. Is there a way to input that into a Subcategory of customers or do you have another suggestion?
  6. If we invoice later do we need eCC to do this?

Order fulfillment Questions

  1. Can eCC accept files from a Magento Shopping Cart, i.e., customer PO or  accepting files from a shopping cart, can the files be downloaded to QuickBooks as an attached file to Customer or Customer Order?
  2. Is there any way to split orders into multiple invoices (for drop shippers with multiple vendors)?
  3. We typically create sales receipts but need to create an invoice on occasion. Is there any way to selectively deviate from the setting?
  4. If we're creating sales receipts to "daily sales" and we create multiple purchase orders per order, will the "Ship To" field on the PO still pick up the customer shipping info?
  5. I use Bigcommerce and I am only using QB to download orders. Should I just use QB like daily sales and not keep up with individual customers since the customers are still in BC?

Shipping integration Questions

  1. Do you have a recommendation between Endicia or Which one works best with Wegility?


Didn't attend the webinar?  Feel free to ask questions on this articles about getting started with eCC Desktop.  

Want more?  Click here to register for the other webinars during the month of February 2014. 

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