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How to change the QuickBooks company file for eCC Desktop

As with any setting change you do, remember to backup the eCC Database. Click here to learn how to: Backup eCC Database

1. Open eCC and go to File >> Manage Stores

2. In the My Stores menu, click on edit connection.

3. In the QuickBooks Setting screen, click browse and choose your new company file. 

4. Then click on Test QuickBooks Connection.

5. You should then see the QuickBooks application certificate. Make the settings as shown, and click continue.

6. Click done.

7. You would then get a prompt on the eCC Screen telling you that it has successfully connected to QuickBooks. Click on Ok and then on Next to proceed to the next screen. 

8. Now click on "Next"


9. You will see the below message. Click on "Yes"


10. This is a very important step. Here you must click on cancel. If you do not cancel and click next here, you will end up loosing all your eCC Configurations. 

11. Accept the confirmation and say yes.

12. You would be taken back to the My Stores menu. Click on Configure.

13. Download the data and settings from your new QuickBooks company file. 

14. Once you see this prompt, you have probably configured everything and changed your company file. If at any point you need help, call 877 753 5373 or else email

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  • Avatar
    David Kha

    This article seems to be inaccurate when using eCC v 4.1 for desktop. The images appear to be missing when I view the article, and after changing the location of my company file and accepting the certificate, if I hit "cancel" in eCC, the changes are lost. If I hit next, I lose all my store settings.

  • Avatar
    Heidi Craig

    Screenshots are missing!!!

  • Avatar

    Apologize for the inconvenience. We have updated the document.

  • Avatar

    Hi David,

    You may find your answer in step 9

  • Avatar
    Conrad Miller

    In eCC 4.6 I am able to get through this process to step 4 but the certificate never appears, I am not able to configure the settings and it will not proceed to the store settings screen after I click "no".

    Is eCC 4.6 any different???

  • Avatar
    Namit Khungar

    Hi Conard,
    No eCC 4.6 is not different. However the connection process depends on a whole number of factors which could include file location, security settings and more.Possibly you are not pointing eCC to the same file location as open in QB.
    Please call our ever ready support team on 8777535373 (QB Pro / Premier) or 415 666 2625 (QB POS / Enterprise)

  • Avatar
    Ross Kelson

    Step 9 is extremely misleading! Who would click Yes and take a chance that all their settings would be deleted?

  • Avatar
    Namit Khungar

    Hi Ross.

    I do understand your point. The issue is in the dev pipeline and we are working on a newer and easier method to change the company file used in ecc.

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