The Basics: Connecting to the eCC Database

If you are installing eCC on a new computer or an add-on users' computer, it is important to:

  • Backup the database on the old computer
  • Put the eccdb.bak file onto a flash drive
  • Move the database on the flash drive to the desktop of the new computer. 
  • Log in to your Webgility Account and re-install eCC Desktop from the downloads menu

After the installation is complete and you have signed in, you will encounter three options.  You will need to choose one of the three options.  

1. Move the previous eCC database to this computer

If you are moving eCC Desktop to a new computer, you need to backup your current eCC database (on your old computer).  Then save it to a flash drive and insert it in the new computer.  

Click Browse to locate your eCC database backup file.  Then click Continue. 


2. This is an Add-on user, connect it to my primary user's eCC database

This option is used if you have installed eCC on other computers with the intention of utilizing eCC in a multi-user context.  Your add-on user should be within the same network as the Admin computer, this will allow the add-on user to connect to the Admin users eCC database which is installed on the Admin users' computer.  Click here for more information about using eCC Desktop with multiple users. 


Locate SQL Server: Select the SQL server that is on the Admin computer

Authentication Method: Use the SQL server Authentication

Username: sa

Password: Webgility2011


3. Start over, I'll reconfigure everything

This option will create and establish a new eCC database on the new computer.  You will need to connect to your online store and QuickBooks and re-configure all of your store profiles within eCC.  



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