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eCC Scheduler FAQ's

1. Can I use the scheduler to automatically backup my eCC Database on a regular basis?

Yes! Simply follow the instructions here: Schedule Auto-Backup


2. Since the scheduler is doing an automatic backup, will the backup files be retained forever?

No. The backup files can be retained only for 15 days, after which the oldest backup file will be deleted.


3. Can I set the scheduler to automatically backup to a network computer?

Yes you can, but in the case of network computers, the scheduler may give errors if it is backing up and your network breaks, even for a split second. Thus, it is suggestive that you backup to a local machine or a Flash Disk and then copy to a network pc or the like. 


4. What if I want to take the backup to Dropbox / Skydrive / Google drive?

Yes you can do this. Simply install the providers software on your computer. The provider will create an area on your computer which will be continously synced to the providers servers. For example Google Drive may create c:\googledrive. Create a folder there and set the scheduler to automatically backup the database to that folder. Alternatively, you can manually put the eCC Database backup folder into Dropbox / Skydrive / Google drive. 


5. Can the Scheduler start automatically with Windows? 

Yes you can use the Scheduler to autostart with Windows. Follow the instructions here: Scheduler Auto-Start


6. If the scheduler is set to auto start with Windows and my computer restarts, do I have to start eCC and login to it as well?

No. Once you set the scheduler to autostart, it will work independently of eCC based on the settings you have made, and will startup automatically when Windows restarts.


7. Where can I get more information regrading Scheduler settings and configurations?

Click here: Scheduler Settings & Configurations


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