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How eCC Desktop handles products with options in Amazon

Products that have multiple options (sizes or colors) can be viewed as individual simple items by eCC Desktop.  

By incorporating the size variation into the SKU of the product, makes each shoe and size unique. 

How Amazon views products

  This product is the same shoe but has multiple sizes which the user can select.   On the front end, the user will just select the size and add it to their cart and purchase.

How eCC Desktop views products

This is the same product but within the eCC Desktop interface.  Since the size is a part of the overall SKU of the product, this product is now a simple (unique) product since it is the size that determines the final product. 

Products like this can be: 

1) The matching criteria in eCC Desktop should be set to

Amazon products will be identified by eCC by their SKU (which is unique) and in QuickBooks by the item name/number.  

2) Transferring to QuickBooks 
The matching criteria sets up how the product is transferred so that when the item needs to be created in QuickBooks (automatically or transferred), the Amazon SKU will become the item name/number in QuickBooks. 

Note: Quantity can be adjusted when the product is created in QuickBooks.  So if you know you have more than what is displayed online, the product can be created in QuickBooks with the correct quantity.  

3) Synchronizing products
Now that the QuickBooks item name/number match the online SKU, if the price or quantity gets out of sync, the data can be synced.  


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