FAQ: AvaTax & eCC Desktop

What is Avalara AvaTax?


Avalara AvaTax is a cloud-based automated sales tax compliance service that integrates with eCC Desktop.


How does it work with eCC Desktop?


eCC Desktop connects directly with your AvaTax account to calculate the correct taxes for each order. When you post the order to QuickBooks, the taxes will post as the line item "AvaTax."


How do I get an AvaTax account?


Visit Avalara’s website to get started.


How much does it cost to use AvaTax with eCC Desktop?


AvaTax is included in the eCC Desktop Enterprise plan. For all other plans, the AvaTax add-on is $25/month.


AvaTax charges its users a fee per transaction to calculate taxes, and they will bill you directly.


Can I try out the AvaTax integration in my eCC Desktop trial?


Yes, AvaTax integration is available during your free 15-day trial.


Is AvaTax integration available for international QuickBooks versions?


No, it’s currently available only for U.S. versions of QuickBooks.


What do I need to get started using AvaTax with eCC Desktop?


You need your AvaTax account number, license key, and company code. Read our other help articles for step-by-step instructions.


Can I use an AvaTax test account in eCC Desktop?


Yes, just select “Use Avalara test account” in the taxes area of the setup wizard.


Does AvaTax validate addresses to ensure that taxes are accurate?


Yes you need to select the “Use address validation” option in the taxes area of the setup wizard.


Does AvaTax automatically validate addresses for all countries?


You need to select which countries for which you want the addresses validated. Click “settings” next to the “Use address validation” checkbox.


I am already using an AvaTax plugin on my store. Do I need the eCC Desktop Avalara add-on?


If all your sales channels are already using AvaTax to calculate taxes, then you do not need them to be calculated in eCC Desktop. However, if you are selling on multiple channels (i.e. multiple online platforms, or an online store and retail store) and not all of them are compatible with AvaTax, then we recommend having AvaTax calculate the taxes within eCC Desktop to make sure that all your sales have the proper taxes.


What if some of my customers are tax-exempt?


You can designate customers as tax-exempt in the customer area by selecting the proper entity use code and exemption number.


When does AvaTax calculate the taxes?


Taxes are calculated when orders are posted to QuickBooks?


When does eCC Desktop commit the taxes to AvaTax?


You can commit a tax document (record the calculated taxes in your AvaTax account) when you post the order to QuickBooks, when you post the order back to the store, or not commit taxes at all. Read more in thishelp article.


Can I void the created tax document in AvaTax?


When you cancel an order in eCC Desktop it will automatically void the taxes in AvaTax. You can also log in to your AvaTax account to manually void taxes.


How does AvaTax know which tax codes are applicable to my products?


You can map tax codes to your Quickbooks products within eCC Desktop, or you can map tax codes to your items within AvaTax. Learn more in this help article.


How are taxes calculated on shipping charges?


eCC Desktop codes shipping charges as “FR,” and AvaTax decides based on applicable taxation rules if the charges are taxable.


How is the discount amount managed in tax calculation?


eCC Desktop flags the items as discounted, and AvaTax distributes the discount to each item in the order before calculating the taxes.


Learn more about using AvaTax with eCC Desktop in these help articles and webinars.

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