How to setup Avalara AvaTax in eCC Desktop

Avalara AvaTax can be setup within a eCC store configuration in the Taxes screen.  

If you don't have an account, click on "Sign up Here" link to create an Avalara account.  Click here to learn more about how to get started with your Avalara AvaTax account. 

Note: If you have a trial or test Avalara AvaTax account, it can also connect to eCC Desktop. Before clicking on Test Connection, select the Use Avalara Test account box. 

Account Number
The Avalara AvaTax account number is contained within the Avalara account

License Key
The license key is sent to the user by Avalara via email.  It is not avaliable within the Avalara AvaTax account. You can however reset the license key and a new one will be sent to your email on file within the your Avalara AvaTax account. 

Company Code
This is the Organizations tab of Avalara AvaTax.  The company code for the company you want to interact with eCC Desktop, should be copied into the field area in eCC Desktop. 

Using Address Validation
Avalara AvaTax can validate an address during the calculation of taxation.  This allows Avalara AvaTax to be as accurate as possible during the calculation.  If you choose to validate addresses, check the Use Address Validation box and click the settings button.

Both domestic and international addresses can be validated for taxation.  For Domestic validation, check the box of your location. 

If you ship internationally or receive orders from customer in countries other than the one your business resides in, select those countries in the list.  

Click Save, once you have made your selections. 

Click on Test Connection to connect eCC Desktop to Avalara AvaTax and a pop-up confirmation box will appear once the connection has been successfully established. 

Establishing the QuickBooks in-state and out of state tax items

Now that Avalara AvaTax is connected to eCC Desktop, it will be the default tax item in QuickBooks during the tax calculation for in-state tax.  

AvaTax will be the line item displayed in the QuickBooks transaction. 

If you want Avalara AvaTax to calculate tax for non-taxable orders, you can choose the AVATAX item or choose the out of state tax item in QuickBooks you have created. 

To save your Avalara AvaTax setup within eCC Desktop, click the Save & Continue button of the store configuration. 

Next Step: set up how to commit the calculated taxes to Avalara AvaTax.  

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