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Setup US Taxes


1. The options mentioned here under section one are for US customers only. This screen may vary with your type of QuickBooks and Country

2. With QuickBooks Australia and UK, eCC only provides the 'Let QuickBooks calculate taxes' option.

3. In case you find the sections for QuickBooks item for taxable products and non-taxable products are blank and do not contain anything, Open QB, go to Edit >> Preferences >> Sales Tax & ensure that Sales Tax is enabled. Once enabled. you will find a button there to create items. Create one item for taxable orders and another one for non-taxable orders. Once done, return to the eCC and click he refresh icon on the top right and your newly created items will be brought into eCC.


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How do you want to record taxes? 

Option #1


If you don't charge tax for the items you sell online, choose this option. 



Option #2: 

If you have created a sales tax item in QuickBooks for taxable and non-taxable orders.  When the order is posted to QuickBooks, the tax will be calculated based on the percentage within the tax item in QuickBooks. 



If you have a specific tax item in QuickBooks utilized for a particular state tax rate, select this option.  When you Setup Tax Location, a window will open to select the state and its corresponding tax item in QuickBooks.



Option #3



This option works just like the area above.  Select a specific tax item for a designated state in QuickBooks and add it to this area. 


Option #4

Avalara AvaTax is a tax calculation add-on, that will accurately calculate taxes in QuickBooks when an order is posted to QuickBooks using eCC.  Click here for more information about this process. 



Tax Variation Per item


 If you have a mix of both taxable and non-taxable items in your online store catalog, when the items are posted to QuickBooks, a specific tax item can be triggered to either include tax (which is calculated by QuickBooks) or a non-taxable item (also calculated by QuickBooks). 


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