Setup Taxes for QuickBooks POS

1. My online store calculates taxes:

Select this option if your online store calculates taxes. Use the drop down to select the items from POS that should be used to record tax and non-tax entries.




Setting up tax locations in QB POS

Setting up tax items in QB POS


2. Let QuickBooks calculate taxes:

If you select this option POS will calculate Tax automatically based on your customer and items setting.  Click here to learn how to setup taxable and non taxable locations. 


If you collect Sales Tax in multiple locations, you can select the check-box and click on "Setup Tax Locations" button, to configure a different Tax item to be used for each State where you collect taxes.  


A specific tax located for a state is created in the same way a tax location is created, you just give it a state name.  





Setup Tax Locations: Use this screen if you collect Sales Tax in multiple states. eCC displays a list of states on the left and all available QB Sales Tax items on the right. You can add more states and click on SAVE once you're done.





Using Avalara to calculate tax

Note: This feature is a current limitation in the QuickBooks POS integration. 


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