Manually processing orders in eCC Desktop

The Manual Processing screen is used to enter either payment and/or shipping manually information manually. Once payment or shipment details have been entered manually, the order in eCC will be marked as either Paid or Shipped.

To get access to this screen, double click on an order to view the order details. Then click on Manual Processing. 


Select the order on the left and use the options on the right to manually enter the payment and/or shipment information.

Note: If an order is being downloaded into eCC Desktop as a paid order, the manual payment option will be grayed out.  

Manual Payment

  • Select a payment method from the dropdown.  
  • If you need to add a payment type, click on the add link to add a specific payment method.  
  • Enter in the Transaction ID from your payment interface in this area. 
  • Click Save and order will be marked as Paid

Manual Shipment

  • Select a carrier from the shipment processors you have integrated within eCC Desktop. 
  • Select a shipping method from the dropdown menu. 
  • If you need to add a method, click on the add link to add a specific shipment method. 
  • Enter the tracking ID and ship date
  • Click Save and the order will be marked as Shipped

Tip: Payment and shipment methods can be added, if they are not detected within the order or are included within the online store.


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