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Introducing eCC Desktop v4!

November 11, 2013

I am excited to announce the arrival of eCC Desktop v4! In the over two years since we released eCC Desktop v3, it has become clear to us that that your business needs are closely aligned with the version of QuickBooks that you're using. So with eCC Desktop v4, we're aligning our product roadmap, pricing, services, support, and our team based on your QuickBooks version. 

The first thing that's new about eCC Desktop is, well, the name. There has been some confusion in the market about the features of eCC (the desktop product) versus eCC Cloud (our cloud product) so to bring more clarity, we're renaming eCC to be explicitly "eCC Desktop."

We'd heard from many of our trusted Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors that their clients needed more accurate tax calculations. I am excited to announce that eCC Desktop now supports integration with Avalara AvaTax. AvaTax promises to make "sales tax less taxing" and we think they do a pretty great job at it.

eCC Desktop can now calculate your sales taxes with rooftop-level accuracy! eCC Desktop connects directly to your AvaTax account to automatically apply the correct taxes to every order you process, then posts the taxes in QuickBooks. It's that easy! If you have simple tax calculation in your online store, eCC Desktop will connect with your AvaTax account to validate the taxes so you have peace of mind that the taxes are accurate and any discrepancies are tracked in a separate register entry. 

Learn more about the AvaTax add-on on our website, or read the help articles.

As part of our new focus on QuickBooks versions, we're introducing new pricing plans with no license fees and tiered monthly fees by order volume. If you're an existing eCC Desktop customer, don't worry, there will be no change to your pricing and you can stick with your existing plan while continuing to receive free upgrades.

We've added a priority support line for customers on our new POS and Enterprise plans along with a full suite of implementation services to make sure that everything is set up correctly and you are making the most of all eCC Desktop features. Check out the new eCC Desktop plans.

We encourage and look forward to your feedback and questions. You can head over to the forums, or email me at You can also read the release notes for v4 and all previous releases.

Thanks for being the best part of Webgility!

- Parag

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