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Step 1: Installing eCC on the admin computer / server.


1. To be able to use eCC in a multi user environment, please remember that All the admin's and addon's need to be on the same Local Area Network, easily accessible by each other; and that admin computer needs to have QuickBooks installed on it.

2. eCC needs to be running on the Admin computer at all times when the addon's are in use.

3. The process for installation on every addon computer is the same.

 Follow the steps below :

Step 1 : Go to, Click on My Account and login to your account.
Step 2 : Click on downloads tab, as shown in the picture below :
Step 3 : Click on the eCC Desktop vX button, as highlighted in the picture below :
It will download the eCC Installer ZIP file. Extract the eCC Installer from this ZIP file to your desktop and double click on it.
Step 4 : Let the download complete.
Step 5 : Proceed with the eCC Installation.

Step 6 : Accept the agreement and click on next.

Step 7 : Click on Next to proceed and continue till eCC is installed.

Step 8 : Click on Finish.

Step 9 : After the installation, eCC will ask you to enter your eCC login id and password.

Step 10 : When logged in for the first time, eCC will ask you for SQL Connectivity. 

If SQL Server is already installed on your system click "Connect to an existing SQL Server". Choose the SQL server from the dropdown and use the SQL Authentication method. Username: sa | Password: Webgility2011. Click Connect. 

If SQL Server is not installed, Click on "Install SQL Server and create a new database"

To learn how to install SQL and create a database for eCC, click here.

Once connected, eCC will bring forward the Configure Store section, from where you can add your very first eCC store!

 Learn how to connect eCC Desktop to a Store.

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