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The Basics: How do I add shipping providers to eCC Desktop?

eCC Desktop and Shiplark can integrate with multiple shipping carriers, so you can have a variety of shipping choices and solutions.  

Each shipping processor has a unique connection and features the shipping module can utilize within eCC Desktop.  Click the shipping carrier comparison chart - view what features are available for each shipping provider that connects to eCC Desktop.

Click the links below to explore how to connect your shipping processors to eCC Desktop. 

Shipping Carriers
FedEx (Domestic and International)
UPS Worldship (Domestic only)
UPS Direct (Domestic and International)

USPS Providers
Endicia DaZzle (Domestic and International)
Endicia Label Server (Domestic and International) (Domestic and International)
Express1 (Domestic and International)
USPS (without postage)

Other shipping solutions
QuickBooks Shipping Manager 
Webgility Insurance

Weight Scales

  • 5lb (Model 510) scale
  • 25lb. Integrated Digital Scale (Model 2510) 
  • Dymo (Model 40149) Weight Scale


Thermal printers

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