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Using Amazon FBA with eCC Desktop?

With eCC , you can download FBA orders directly from Seller Central without downloading FBA order reports as was previously the case. To enable FBA, simply click on the checkbox when setting up the connection to your Amazon account.




"Note: Sales Channel section is not available with the QuickBooks POS integration."



Importing FBA Fees:

Go to Orders > Settlement report to download settlement reports for FBA orders. You can review the detailed expenses under the FBA Orders tab and click the "Post Expenses & Fees" button to send data to QuickBooks.


Importing FBA Orders Manually:

To import FBA orders greater than 90 days old, you must do so manually. Here are the steps:

2. Click on Reports > Fulfillment > Amazon Fulfilled Shipments


3. Click on the Download Tab and select the date for the download and click on Request Download



4. Once you have obtained the report from Amazon, go to eCC and click on the Orders > Import FBA Orders menu
5. Click on Browse to locate the corresponding FBA download file and then click Show Orders
6. Now click Import Orders to import them into eCC for further processing



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