How do I connect eCC Desktop to QuickBooks POS?


1. When connecting for the first time, ensure that you are logged into POS under the 'sysadmin' login. 

2. Click here to read about Connecting to QuickBooks: The Basics


1. After configuring the Store you need to setup POS. You need to select POS from the drop down menu and type in the name of your company file. You then need to enter the name of the computer that POS is being used on. You also need to put in the POS version.



To get the POS file name, look at the top of your POS window (as Illustrated below)



To get the POS server computer name, right click on my computer / computer and click on properties.



2. Ensure that you are logged into POS using the sysadmin login. Then click on 'Connect to Quickbooks'. If all goes well, and there are no issues, you will see the integrated applications certificate popup in POS. Please click on Yes Always.


3. As soon as you click on Yes Always, eCC will begin downloading POS Data and settings. Click next to proceed on to the  Order Processing settings section.


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