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Setup Canada Taxes


1) Configure Tax Options


My online store does not charge taxes: Select this option if taxes are not applicable to your online orders. Here you will have to select a tax code for non-taxable orders and the same has to be created in QuickBooks.




Let QuickBooks calculate taxes: If you select this option QuickBooks will calculate Tax automatically based on your customer and items setting.




Map the tax calculated by the Online store to QuickBooks : Select this option to map the taxes collected by the online store to QuickBooks.  You need to select the tax code for taxable as well as non-taxable orders. These tax codes (items) will come into the respective dropdown menus automatically, if created properly in QuickBooks. If you want to use a different tax item and code for different shipping states, select the check-box and click on "Map Shipping States"




Map Shipping States: Use this tab if you collect Sales Tax in multiple states. eCC displays a list of states on the left and all available QB Sales Tax items on the right. You can add more states and click on SAVE once you're done. Please remember that the Tax Items need to be created in QuickBooks so that they can be seen here.




2) Enter Discount and other charges:


Select the check box if you would like eCC to record discounts in QuickBooks.



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