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How to make default settings for using Endicia DAZzle with eCC Desktop

Printer Defaults:


1. eCC communicates with Endicia DAZzle using XML.


Printer defaults for use with Endicia DAZZle have to be configured from within DAZZle itself. Go to File and then click on printer setup for the same.


Shipment Defaults:

DAZzle Installation Folder and Layout folder

Go to the Preferences and Options and copy the program directory and the layout directory into the area in eCC.



Locating the XML folder

Go to Postage->Options->Premium Service Options.  Enable the file directory by checking the box.  Then copy the XML location from DAZzle into the area in eCC.



Label Settings

eCC communicates with Endicia DAZzle via XML and for the eCC needs to know where to find the Endicia software and where the labels formats are stored.  Here is how to find the information:



Setting Shipping Defaults


These will be the default settings for how labels are printed.  These settings can always be readjusted at any time and can be set for both Domestic and International Shipping.




Click Save to save the settings and start generating shipping labels.

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