Connect eCC Desktop to 3dCart

Notes :

1. You need an account with 3dCart to configure the store in eCC. eCC supports 3dCart version 3.2.0 or higher.
2. You cannot create items from QB to online store using the product module in eCC, however you can create items from online store to QB.
3. You cannot download ‘Not Completed’ status items into eCC.
4. Whenever you post an order back to store, 3dCart will automatically send a mail to the Customers.
5. 3dCart will not allow Credit card information to be downloaded into eCC. If the payment is authorized then you can download the payment authorization ID into eCC.
6. 3dCart does not support variants, but you can download options/attributes into eCC.


Step 1: Enter store Name, select 3d Cart from the drop down menu and select store. 



You will then see the screen below that would ask you for your store URL and API Key. To learn how to get your API Key, scroll below. Once you have it. Enter your store URL and API key and then click connect to store. 

Note: The store URL must be the customer facing URL.  Not the admin URL. 


As soon as eCC Desktop is able to connect to store, it would begin downloading data and settings. 


How to get the API key for 3dCart:

1. Log into the Admin area of your 3dCart and select Settings>>General>>Store Settings.



2. Scroll down towards the bottom of the area, you should see an area that says Advanced Settings.  You will see the API settings line.  Select Change Settings to enable the Advanced API.


3. Select the Enable Advanced API box and key will be displayed.  Then click the Enable the Advanced API box.  If you are unable to see the Advanced API checkbox, please contact the 3dCart Support team.


Click Continue to add your store using the Add store Wizard

Step 2: Store Address

Store address should be the "from" address that you are going to be shipped from.The local date format is formatted for United States format, if you are utilizing a different format in your location, that can be selected here. A company logo can be added that will be seen on the packing slip used in eCC.  

Click Next to continue.


Step 3: Connect to QuickBooks

While connecting to QuickBooks, select the version you need to connect, select the company file location. Click on connect to QuickBooks to move to the next step. Remember, before you click on connect to QuickBooks, you need to have your company file open in single user and admin mode. eCC will download data and settings from QuickBooks and Click to Continue.


Connect to POS

Enter the company data file name. Select POS version and POS server computer name. The POS Server computer name can be obtained by going to my compter in Windows and clicking properties. The Computer Name displayed there, would be the same as the POS Server computer name. Click continue to proceed.

Step 4: Order processing settings

(A) Payment and Shipment Settings:

  1. Select the check-box to generate shipping labels through eCC.
  2. Select the Check-box to process offline payment through eCC by(, Paypal or QuickBooks Merchant service).

(B) Identify what your online status Order Statuses mean:

In this area, you can setup how eCC interprets the order status used in your online store.Hover over the "?" to find out more information about how each status is handled in eCC.

(D)Download Latest 50 Orders: It will download latest 50 orders within (within in 7 days or days which ever is earlier).

Click Next to continue.

Step 5Ready to roll

You are now ready to process orders, so you should click "Let's Go" to proceed to the dashboard .

For Detailed Settings can be configured after you proceed to the dashboard and your orders have been downloaded. This can be done by opening eCC and going to File >> Configure Stores.

Next Steps :

  1. How do I Add Multiple Stores In eCC Desktop
  2. Adding Shipping Providers To eCC Desktop
  3. Customization Options







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