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Connect eCC Desktop With Bigcommerce

Step 1 : As soon as you launch eCC, you would be asked to give your store a name and select the type of store that you have, in this case Bigcommerce. Once you have selected the name from the drop-down, click continue to proceed. 


Step 2: In this screen you need to key in your API Path, Admin Username and API token.

This information needs to be retrieved from your Bigcommerce account. Scroll below to learn how to get this information. Once you have everything entered, click Connect to store. eCC would connect to your Bigcommerce store and upon successful connection, it would download data and settings. 

How to retrieve Bigcommerce credentials (Legacy API) 

If you have already received the new Bigcommerce account with the App store view, eCC Desktop will need to connect using the Legacy API account.  Click here to learn how to connect. 

How to retrieve Bigcommerce credentials (Normal Accounts): 

1. Once you log in to the Admin section of Bigcommerce, click on the ‘Users’ link at the top. 

2. From the ‘View users’ page, you can see the admin user that you have created. Click to ‘edit’ the admin user.   

The admin username will be the admin username entered in the store connection area in eCC Desktop.   3. Once you are at the ‘Edit User Account’ page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the option to Enable the API and copy the API path and API token into eCC Desktop. 


Note #1: Make sure you click Save in Bigcommerce before testing the connection by clicking on the Connect to Store button in eCC Desktop.  

Note #2: If you ever need to regenerate the Bigcommerce API, it is done in this same way. 

Paste the Bigcommerce API information in the store connection area in eCC Desktop and click Connect to Store

When eCC Desktop is connected to your Bigcommerce store, it will begin downloading store data from Bigcommerce.     

eCC Desktop is not downloading orders yet, this data is used to setup how the store profile is configured within eCC Desktop.   Click Continue.

For next steps click here.


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