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What is Shiplark Order Refresh / Auto Update?

Shiplark now has a new order download and refresh functionality. Clicking the Get Orders button / Refresh Orders icon will not only download orders from the online store, but will also compare orders between the online store and Shiplark. Any orders that have changed on the basis of the order refresh scenarios chosen in the order refresh / update configuration, between the online store and Shiplark, would be grayed out and temporarily disabled in the Shiplark inbox, and would be sent to the Updates tab.


From the new updates tab you can choose to Ignore the change(s) / Download the updated order or Cancel the Order. Until the same is done, the order will appear grayed out in the Shiplark Inbox and Shiplark will not allow you to work on that order.


How the order will appear in the Inbox. Here we are taking order 200000252 as an example. This is the third order in the order list:




The same order in the Updates tab, clearly showing that the order shipment method, carrier and tracking# has changed in Shiplark as compared to the online store.



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