Archive Orders in Shiplark

When all transactions are complete on an order, you can archive it by clicking on the archive button or the archive link in the actions column. Remember you cannot move an order back from the archive to the inbox.






The Archive orders tab is used to store orders that have been archived manually or automatically using archive order rules.  Click here to view the various order archive rules. 


By default, orders that are older than 30 days are readily viewed in the archive and any orders that are older than 30 days can be viewed in the Archived tab. 



How orders are viewed in the Archive Tab (Default functionality)

Orders that are between 1 and 30 days of the current date, that are moved to the archive tab will be displayed here.  The orders can be filtered based on these specifications: 

  • All
  • Paid, unpaid, shipped, unshipped
  • Post to post to store
  • Post to store pending
  • Ready to ship
  • Partial shipped


Viewing old archived orders

Orders that are older than 30 days from the current date are moved to a special database, called Show Order Since.  

Orders can be viewed based on the date specification shown below: 


Auto-archive functionality

Order can be automatically sent to the archive tab by enabling this feature in the advanced settings. While on the dashboard, go to File->Advanced settings

Select the box to enable the auto-archive feature. 

Select how order order must be from the current date, to automatically send to the archive. Orders between 7 and 180 days can be selected. 

Note: This will not override the display settings in the archive and how orders are viewed. 

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