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eCC Limitations with eBay

Download 120 days old orders from current date.
There is no range for downloading items. But we are downloading it from 01/01/2010.
Taxes are coming from eBay if item is Out Of state sold.
Orders which are downloaded into eCC will be CheckOutStatus Complete in eBay.
Shipping handling, discount and other charges are also coming with orders, including shipping details and payment method of order.
We are updating only shipping details on the store including tracking #, shipping method.
We are not updating Payment details on store.
We are providing synchronize price and quantity for only FixedPrice items and StoreFixedPrice items.
We are not creating products on eBay.
For Synchronize items price and quantity should be greater than 0.
SKU is not mandatory field for eBay.
Variants items are downloaded.
Variants items are also synchronized.
OrderId for a transaction in eBay is combination of TransactionId-ItemID.
We are downloading payment methods & shipment methods from eBay.
We are downloading items having two types of Listing Statuses
a) Active Listing Status : It means items are active and ready for sold on eBay store.
b) Completed Listing Status : It means items are expired and not sold on eBay.

Only two types of expenses are downloaded which is only associated with orders.

a) eBayFinalvalue Fee : This is related to orders expenses.
b) eBayPaypal Fee : This is related to transaction expenses.
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