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How do I connect eCC Desktop to QuickBooks?


1. When connecting eCC to QB for the first time, the company file has to be open in QB as single user and in admin mode.

2. When selecting your QuickBooks version, select the currency mode from the drop down as well. Remember this is a currency display, which applies to the packing slip only. It will not convert any currencies (from one to another) from your store into eCC.

QuickBooks version: Select your version from the drop down menu and

QuickBooks company file location: Browse for the correct location of your company file. In case you do not know the location of your company file, open the company file with the administrator login credentials in QuickBooks & press 'Ctrl+1'. This will bring up the QuickBooks product information section (screenshot below), from where you can copy the file location and paste it into eCC.

QuickBooks File Mode: If your company file is located on the computer that you are installing eCC on, or connected to a server within your network (LAN/VPN) the file mode will be Local file.

QuickBooks connection type: For the initial connection, please ensure that the QuickBooks file is in single user mode (and administrator login) and that eCC is in single user mode as well. You also need to remember that the QuickBooks company file location specified in eCC has to be the same location from where the file is opened in QuickBooks. 

Switch to the QuickBooks company file and you will see the integrated applications certificate popup in QuickBooks. Make the settings as illustrated, and click on continue and then on done. Remember that the 'Login As' drop down menu shall be available only if QuickBooks is optimized for multiple users. If you use QuickBooks with only one user, this setting does not need to be done.

As soon as you click on done, eCC will begin downloading QuickBooks data and settings. Click next to proceed on to the Order Processing Settings section.

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