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Setup how customers are created in QuickBooks POS


Use the Customers screen to configure how to handle new customers received from your online orders.


1) Select Customer Matching Criteria


Here you can specify how your customers are identified within QB POS. 




How customers are created in QB POS

When an order is posted to QuickBooks not only is a transaction created but a customer can be created as well.  Customers can be created as individual customer or attached to a standard customer and customer type. 


Using a Standard Customer:



This option will utilize a single customer to organize your online orders in QB POS.  

Optional: You can also default to the standard customer address as the billing and shipping information on the transaction. 



Creating new customers:

If you would like to create individual customer, based on how your customers are identified,  when the orders is posted to QuickBooks.  


If you have created a customer type (Optional) that can be selected as well.  

Optional: add customer comments to customer notes




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