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Sharing the SQL Database for multiple eCC users (Admin user)

In a Multi User eCC Setup, it is necessary that all the computers (Admin & Add-on's) are on within the same network (LAN) so that connectivity can be established and the Admin database can be shared with the add-on users.

To install and share the SQL database between multiple computers, follow the steps below:

On the Primary User computer (ADMIN)
Note: If you already have eCC installed on your admin computer then skip to the Add-on user article.  

1) After eCC has been installed, you will be able to login.  After that you will be prompted to install a new database or connect to an existing database.  Select Install SQL and create a new database.  


2) Once SQL has completed the installation, you will be prompted to add a store.  This process can be exited.  The name of your database on the Admin computer is "computername/ECC"  ("computer name" being the name of your Admin system).  

General Notes: 

1) To check the name of the computer (Windows XP/Vista/7): right click on My Computer in the Start menu and click on Properties.  The name of your computer will be displayed in the Computer Name section. 

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