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Using a new (fresh) QuickBooks Desktop company file

If your company file is new, most likely it has default Quickbooks data such as various deposit to or expense accounts, and other bits of data that come with any fresh company QuickBooks financials company file.  The reason this data needs to be created in QuickBooks, is due to the fact, that when eCC initially connects with QuickBooks, it is looking for this data.  If the data can't be found, an error can occur during the connection or data download process.  

Here is how to create the initial data within QuickBooks Financials: Pro, Premier or Enterprise:

If this is your first time using QuickBooks, it's easy to navigate within the software.  Here is a screenshot of the areas you need to create new data in:

Prior to downloading data from QuickBooks, you should create a:

  • Item
  • Customers (Unique and/or Standard)
  • Shipping Charge
  • Out-of-state tax item
  • In-State tax item
  • Vendor (In-state tax item and for products)

The inventory item, shipping charge, In/Out of state tax items will be in the "List of Items" area as shown below:

The Customer (unique and standard) will be in the "Customer Center", as shown below:

The vendors for the In-state tax item and products will be int he "Vendor Center" as shown below:

Once this data is created, you can download QuickBooks data and setting with no errors.  If you need to create additional items in QuickBooks as you configure your store in eCC, (while eCC is open) go into QuickBooks, create your item(s) and then switch back into the eCC store configuration.  Click the refresh button in the upper right-hand side of the screen to download the new data that was created. 

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