Creating or mapping products while posting to QuickBooks (QuickBooks/POS)

While posting an order to QuickBooks, If eCC is unable to find an item match in QuickBooks, then it will prompt you to create / map the item.


This option is available if you select "Prompt to create products in QuickBooks" under Configure Store >> Products.




To create a new item, first select an order from the left. eCC will display a list of all items for this order along with a status indicating which item was not found. For an item not found, use the settings below to provide all the item details. The fields are pre-filled with information available for the item.


Steps to create a new Item in QuickBooks:


1.Select Type
2.Enter the Item Name/Number
3.If the Item is a variant, check "Sub item of" and specify the parent item from the drop down list
4.Specify the cost of the item (optional)
5.Select the COGS A/C from the list
6.Select the Preferred vendor (optional)
7.Specify the sales price of item
8.Select the Tax code from the list (optional)
9.Select the item Income account name
10.Select Asset account from the list
11.Click Create Item to add the new item in QuickBooks
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    WISH LIST: Automatically create the mapping when creating new item.

    Currently , have to create new item, then try to post again, which brings up the option to map to existing, which then has to be closed, before finally being able to post.

    It does not do that in ECC Desktop 4.0 :(

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