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Setup how to record the shipping postage cost (merchant) in QuickBooks

To setup Shipment options and to enable a weight scale, open eCC and go to File >> Configure Store >> Shipping and click on the options tab. Do remember that this tab will be visible only when you have an active shipping processor selected on the settings tab. Use this screen to configure generalized shipping options applicable to all shipping providers. You can choose to record shipping costs (actual shipping charge for each provider), update the store when a shipment is processed and more. 



Note: If you are using Ubercart / Magento, you will also get an option to update the store every time a shipment is processed (as seen in the image below)




If you have QuickBooks, then you would get an option to record shipping cost. You can choose weather you want to record the costs as a  bill or a check and then by clicking setup, you can choose individual options for a bill or a check as seen below. To create the accounts for this area in QuickBooks, keep this area open in eCC and switch into QuickBooks and create the accounts.  Then switch back into eCC and click the green refresh button (show screenshot of icon) in the upper left of the shipping screen.  Once the new information is downloaded, click Setup (next to the option type) and the dropdown menus will be populated with the new account information.


Setup options for Bill:



Setup options for Check:


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