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Setup how products are created in QuickBooks POS


1. Please note that this screen will vary, depending on your store type. 


Use the 'Products' screen to configure how to match online products with your QuickBooks items.




1) Select Product Matching Criteria


Select field to identify products in your Online Store: Select a unique field used to identify products in your online store. You can select either SKU# (in some stores, its also known as Model Number or Product ID) or Product Name.
Select field to identify products in QuickBooks: Select the field used to identify products in QuickBooks. You can select Item Name, Item Number, ALU or UPC.


2) Configure how to handle missing products


Specify how to manage products received in an online order if they are not found in QuickBooks. This option is used only if eCC is unable to match a product in QuickBooks using the Product Matching Criteria. There are 4 options to handle new products:

Prompt to create the missing products or map it to another item in QuickBooks: Under this most popular option, in case a product is not found in your QuickBooks file to do its not being there or due to a mismatch, eCC will prompt you to create a new product or map to an existing one.
Automatically create products in QuickBooks if not found: If the product is not found in your QuickBooks file, it will get created automatically (without you getting a prompt) based on your choice of setup options as in the image below. Please remember that this option will automatically create the product, even if the product is already in your QuickBooks file, but cannot be detected due to a mis-match.




Use a standard product in place of the missing product: Use this option if you prefer to use a default product for every new product not found in QuickBooks. The drop down displays a list of all products in your QuickBooks company file. eCC will use this standard product whenever a product from your online order does not match your QuickBooks company file.
Flag the order as an Error: Use this option if you prefer to flag the orders where the online store product does not match any QuickBooks products.


3) Product Sync Settings:


Here you can choose various settings for product synchronization.




4) Configure Default Settings:


Use this screen to specify the default options when creating new products in your online store or in QuickBooks. You can use these defaults to create items in bulk using eCC.


productsposnewscreen_Adv1                                 productsposnewscreen_Adv2

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