How to setup order update rules

How order updates work

1) When eCC Desktop downloads an order, it is downloaded based on the initial order status and order information at the time of download.  


2) If information is modified within the online store or within eCC, the order can be refreshed or updated and the information modified, can be applied to the order. 


3) eCC Desktop is able to isolate the order in the Updates tab so the information can be verified by the user.  


4) A rule can be created so eCC can detect a specific change(s) within an order.


On the Dashboard

To configure the update option, click the Orders menu heading and select Settings. You will automatically access the Orders screen in the store configuration.  Select the Order Processing tab




Orders changed after downloading to eCC


Select YES in the Download updates made in the online store dropdown.  Select Options and select the specific option for eCC to identify as an update




Click Save. 


Note: A specific date can be selected to setup when eCC should begin looking for specific update options.


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