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How do I setup automatic product syncing in eCC Scheduler?

You can also setup the scheduler to update your QuickBooks product or online store product, on the basis of price or quantity or both. 

Things to remember:

  • Automatic syncing can be done between 15min - 24hrs.  The more products you have to sync, the automatic syncing time should be also increased.  
  • When updating the QuickBooks products, either price or quantity can be synced
  • When updating the Online store product, both price and/or quantity can be synced

Step 1: Enable the Product Scheduler

Step 2: Once the master inventory location has been established, select the location to update. 

Step 3: Select the information to sync

Step 4: Click Save to save the settings.  

The settings can be saved until you are ready to start the scheduler .  


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