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Why is eCC Scheduler putting my orders into the scheduled tab?


1. If you find that you are unable to see some columns in an eCC display tab, or would like to rearrange the columns or remove / add columns, then check out the help on display settings.

2. To use the scheduler, the orders need to be downloaded in 'Paid' Status from the online store and have to be manually shipped while the scheduler is turned on. Once this is done, the shipped order will automatically move into the scheduled orders tab, all set to be posted back to store as a complete order.


Use this screen to view all orders that are scheduled for processing with the eCC Scheduler, if you've enabled your scheduler to Get Orders, Post to QuickBooks or Post to Store.Once you start the scheduler, it will schedule the orders automatically when they are ready for processing. You can filter orders using one of the many drop down filters provided. Use the 'Refresh' button to get the latest status of scheduled orders. You can also select any order(s) and move it to the Inbox tab by clicking the 'Move to Inbox tab' button.



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    This doesn't answer the question that the title poses. Why are my orders showing up in the "Scheduled" tab?

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