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eCC and Shiplark v3.9.4.0: Introducing Webgility Insurance!

October 17, 2013

We are excited to announce the newest version of eCC and Shiplark, v3.9.4.0. This version now includes a great new feature, Webgility Insurance!

Webgility Insurance is an easy, affordable way to insure your shipments, right in eCC or Shiplark. It's available for all carriers: FedEx, UPS, Endicia,, and Express 1. You can select Webgility Insurance in your Default Shipment settings to insure all shipments, or you can individually enable it for shipments when processing shipping. 

Customers downloading eCC or Shiplark for the first time will be able to use Webgility Insurance on their shipments. We will be rolling out upgrades to for existing customers over the next few weeks. 

Webgility Insurance offers you significant savings over both carrier insurance and other third-party insurance carriers. It's an easy, affordable way to safeguard your shipments to give you peace of mind during the busy holiday season.

You can read the release notes for eCC and Shiplark to get all the details.
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